Direct Services


We provide comprehensive language and literacy evaluations for ages 18 months through young adult. Evaluations can be in-person, in-home, or virtual (if results will be valid based on the child's ability to attend). Evaluations will look at all aspects of language of concern including: oral language, listening comprehension, expressive language, written language, reading comprehension, reading fluency, articulation, social pragmatic communication, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, voice, and fluency.

Prior to every evaluation a consultative call is conducted so that the clinician can better understand all of the parent's concerns. Based on this call the clinician will provide the parent with a proposed assessments document. The proposed assessments document will include the names of each assessment, how long each assessment is projected to take, what each assessment looks at, and the total cost of the evaluation.

Therapy Services
We provide weekly and biweekly therapy services via teletherapy. Sessions can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour based on the attention span of the child. Sessions can be between 1 and 3 times per week depending on the needs of the child.

We provide speech therapy before and after school Monday- Friday. We offer virtual sessions as early as 6:30am for our early birds. Our after school times are between 4-8pm.

For additional information regarding pricing, please reach out to us. We will happily share our current pricing grid. Please note, we are an out of network provider and do not directly accept any insurance. We will provide you with a detailed invoice following every evaluation and therapy session that you can submit to your provider. It is at the discretion of your insurance provider if they will reimburse you for our services.

Consultative Services

Growing Through Speech is committed to ensuring all families are fully informed about the needs of their child and the services available to them. Special education and related services can be overwhelming to navigate. We want to help families make the best decision for them, even if it does not include Growing Through Speech. 

Julia Latorraca is both a certified SLP and holds her teaching certifications in special education and elementary education, making her highly qualified to provide recommendations for your child both in and out of the school setting. 

Our consultative services include: 
  • Record Reviews 
  • Preparation for school meetings
  • Special education rights- helping families understand their rights in regards to special education services 
  • Breakdown of evaluations of IEPs-helping families understand what each section of the document really means for their child 
  • Recommendations for further evaluations 
  • Referrals to services in your area
  • Caregiver training 
  • Creating in-home plans to assist parents in assisting their children effectively 


Growing Through Speech takes a holistic approach to language therapy taking into consideration both the needs and interests of your child. Language plays a role in every aspect of our lives. Effective language therapy targets multiple areas of language in contextualized activities to
maximize the progress of your child. The areas of language that can be targeted through Growing Through Speech are: 
  • Articulation
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Oral Language
  • Verbal Fluency 
  • Listening Comprehension 
  • Decoding
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Written Expression
  • Spelling
  • Social Pragmatic Communication 

Growing Through Speech keeps up-to-date with the best evidence based programs and resources to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. Below are a list of some of the programs we use and are trained in. 
  • Logic of English
  • The Writing Revolution 
  • PAF (Preventing Academic Failure) 
  • Kilpatrick One Minute Drills 
  • Video Learning Squad
  • PEERS Role Play Scenarios 
  • Video Learning Squad 
  • The Hidden Curriculum 
  • Spell Links 
  • Cognitive Connections 
  • Social Thinking