Growing Through Speech, LLC provides evaluations and therapy of complex speech, language, and literacy disorders for clients 18 months to 25 years of age. Growing Through Speech is located in South Jersey and offers teletherapy services as well as in-home services. Growing Through Speech's clinicians are licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

In addition to direct therapy services, we offer a wide-range of consultative services to ensure families are well informed about the needs of their child. Growing Through Speech is committed to helping families fully understand their child's diagnosis and the services available to them. We understand that we may not be the best fit for every family and will make sure we refer families to the right providers or services.  Check out our Approach and Services page to learn more.

Services Overview

  • Comprehensive Pediatric Speech Language Literacy Assessments (ages 18 months to 18 years old)
  • Speech therapy services ages 18 months to young adult
  • In-home comprehensive evaluations provided in South Jersey, Central Jersey, and the Greater Philadelphia Area 
  • Weekly and bi-weekly teletherapy services 
  • Caregiver training 
  • Record reviews 

Questions to Consider When Considering Speech Therapy

The following is not a comprehensive list of aspects to consider when considering a speech language evaluation. It serves as a starting point for parents and caregivers to begin to inspect the functionality of a child's use of language. Language impacts all aspects of our daily lives. It is important to consider not only a child's spoken language but also how their language skills affect interpersonal relationships, reading comprehension, and written expression. 
  • Has your child met all developmental milestones within functional limits?
  • Is your child communicating adequately when compared to age related peers?
  • Is your child utilizing functional communication?
  • Is your child able to explain their ideas to you? 
  • Do you feel as though you are constantly repeating directions and/or your child does not appear to understand everything you are saying? 
  • Does your child interact appropriately with peers? With adults? 
  • Is your child able to follow simple directions?
  • Can your child make appropriate social inferences (e.g., reading body language, inferring how a person may feel)?
  • Does your child have adequate phonemic and phonological awareness skills?
  • Is your child reading at grade level? 
  • Is your child at grade level with regards to reading fluency and reading comprehension?
  • Is your child at grade level with regards to written expression?
  • For older children, do they appear to understand humor and indirect language?  

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